Who We Are

We are proud to introduce you to Agrifilms Kenya, your local supplier for high quality engineered greenhouse polyethylene. 

Agrifilms Kenya Limited is a Swiss-owned company established in Kenya, located 60km from Nairobi and only 30km from Naivasha. Agrifilms is here to supply you with highly engineered quality plastics. We offer you cover films tailored to your needs with the most sophisticated technology, raw materials and additives reinforcements. All this guarantee high performance and resistance giving the best protection for your crops


We go beyond products. At Agrifilms Kenya, we provide exceptional service and high-quality, customizable greenhouse solutions for farmers of all sizes.


Empowering all farmers to thrive with customizable, climate-resilient greenhouse solutions, fostering a future of abundance where value drives success.

Our Goal

Exceeding farmer satisfaction through service and providing superior and performance for your crops, ensuring the success of your yields.

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